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TEXAS GEMS - Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge

The Refuge currently manages 111 individual tracts totalling 77,000 acres. The Refuge is authorized to purchase additional lands, up to 132,500 total acres, anywhere in the four counties of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. The Refuge prioritizes acquisition of lands along the Rio Grande extending 275 miles from Falcon Dam to the Gulf of Mexico. When possible, the Refuge secures parcels that are directly adjacent to existing refuge lands and serve as links connecting separate tracts (the analogy being that of a chain, with even a single link missing it doesn’t function). Areas that have unique or notable resources, for example tracts on which endangered plant or animal species are known to occur, receive priority for acquisition.
The protected lands of the Refuge support perhaps the richest and rarest biodiversity in the continental United States. The Refuge manages habitats supporting 13 federally threatened and endangered species and 57 state protected species. In total, 485 species of birds, 294 species of butterflies, 115 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 83 species of mammals are known to occur in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and adjacent Gulf of Mexico coastal waters. Presently, 776 plant species are documented on the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge, but an estimate of the total number of plant species occurring in the Refuge’s area of ecological concern is placed at 1,200 species.
Texas, Cameron County, Hidalgo County, Starr County, Willacy County, 26°07’30”/98°07’30
Relative Size:

Areal extent of site 77,000 acres

Area of Influence:

Ecoregion: 315, Southwest Plateau and Plains Dry Steppe and Shrub Province (Compiled by R.G.Bailey, 1995).
Watershed(s): 12110208, South Laguna Madre; 13090001, Los Olmos; and 13090002, Lower Rio Grande (USGS Hydrologic Units).

Nature - Adventure - Parks     Rio Grand Valley-1      2