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Mexican coat of armsMatamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico

History and culture

You could get in touch with history of the city and culture in Matamoros historic downtown and museums. Downtown natters with any ambler on the pedestrian walkway: La Reforma Theater , Cross House, Main Square and Our Lady of the Refuge Cathedral hide revelations only for those willing to listen. City museums exactingly break up with any surrounding architecture, inviting to stroll through the depths of history and life in this unrestful northeastern region. The Mexican "Agrarismo" Museum, Casa Mata bastion and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Tamaulipas are at a time contrary and complementary: class struggle for land, hope for protection and the refined of modern arts all converge in the cultural world beneath Matamoros ' sun.


There are lot of options for getting fun at Matamoros. The Gulf of Mexico offers fun under the sun at the celebrated Bagdad Beach , perfect scenario for opened stage important events. Space of sand and waves limited to the north by the Rio Bravo ; of beach fishing, bare feet, colorful floaties and shell souvenirs carefully set over wooden carts.

Matamoros nightlife lives all over! Clubs can be found on Alvaro Obregon street to the north - close to the border - downtown or further to the south for recently opened alternatives. Cruising down Obregon Street is a popular weekend night routine for young people, a fine way to meet others, followed by the obligated nightclub and the latter grilled tacos. Shopping

Upon enjoying a historic sight-seeing walk, take just a few steps across the Gateway International to start a walking shopping tour through Alvaro Obregon Street to Juarez Market. A colorful way to discover along the handcrafts shops the taste and flavor of Matamoros traditional cuisine. Juarez Market is "the" place to buy a nice Mexican souvenir! A walk through downtown's pedestrian walkway will take you right to this place, located at Abasolo and 9th street .

Matamoros is a city in the north of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Matamoros is located at 25°52′N 97°30′W, across the Rio Grandefrom the US state of Texas. In 2003, Matamoros had an estimated population of 405,300.

 Matamoros is about 1000 km away from Mexico City and 571 from Houston, Texas. The city was renamed for Independence War hero Mariano Matamoros in the early 19th century. The city also holds the "H" for "Heroic" or "Heroica" before the name because the city was defended from invaders trying to take over it over.

The city, as did South Padre Island and the southern tip of Texas had its first-ever white Christmas in December 2004 - first measurable snow to fall there since 1895.

The city is in an important geographical location and acts as U.S.-Mexico border town, across from the city of Brownsville and South Padre Island, Texas. There are several international bridges which cross the Rio Grande into the United States of America, each of which has a toll of around USD $2 or MXN $20. Unsurprisingly, the crossing is easier coming from the US to Mexico, where car searches aren't as frequent as in the opposite direction.

Matamoros is described in vivid detail in the popular song Mi Matamoros Querido (My Beloved Matamoros), the large selling single by singer Rigo Tovar who was born there. It is also the subject of Matamoros Banks by Bruce Springsteen.

 Few facts are known about the Indian tribes that predated the area's settlers.

During a brief expedition in 1519, Capitan Alonso Alvarex baptized the currently named Rio Brave as Rio de las Palmas (Palms River).

No known events follow in the area until 1686 when Capitan Alonso de León "el mozo" is commissioned to explore the area's river. The Capitan informs the river is deep enough to sail its entire length until it ends in the Gulf of Mexico.